What type of drinker are you?

17 09 2008

Apparently the british government have determined that there are nine types of drinker – excerpt from the BBC website:

Drinkers fall into ‘nine groups’
The government believes it has identified nine types of heavy drinker as it launches a new alcohol campaign.
Department of Health research with focus groups found heavy drinkers often fell into one of a number of categories.
These ranged from de-stress and depressed drinkers to people who boozed because of boredom or to bond.
Experts said helping people to understand the reasons for their drinking habits was “very useful”.


  • Depressed drinker
  • De-stress drinker
  • Re-bonding drinker
  • Conformist drinker
  • Community drinker
  • Boredom drinker
  • Macho drinker
  • Hedonistic drinker
  • Border dependents

I don’t know about you but I need a drink after reading that lot!

See the full article here Drinkers fall into ‘nine groups’




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