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15 01 2009

This blog will be moving, actually it already has, i’m just keeping the two side by side until the search engines grab a hold of it properly.

Anyways the new URL is:

Pass it around, add comments, use and abuse it and let me know what you want me to cover 🙂


My Photography Website –

9 01 2009

I’ve developed a new website using in c# to promote my photography business covering weddings,portraits, parties, events, corporates etc – visit the site and let me know your thoughts:

Scanning Electron Microscope Image

29 09 2008

This scanning electron microscope image, The Glass Forest by Mario De Stefano, won first place in photography in the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. It shows a community of tiny diatoms – algae characterised by a peculiar glass-like cell wall.


17 09 2008


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I love the serenity of this, it’s so obscure this tower sat in the middle of nowhere – in fact when the tide comes in, it laps at the edge of the green grass, even more surreal


16 09 2008


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I was on a short weekend break at the end of August in Licolnshire, England visiting relatives when I noticed a road race going right past where we were visiting………….